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Mauritius Inland Adventures

Casela World of Adventures

Casela World of Adventures

Twelve hectares of pristine natural beauty welcome you to explore rare species of animals and plants in Casela World of Adventure! Be you interested in an exciting Casela safari amongst lions, giraffes and other animals or in a breathtaking venture on zip lines, ropes and nets, Casela nature park...

As from 22€
Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Supporters of eco-tourism and fond of nature discovery come and enjoy horse riding excursions in the heart of splendid Reserves. The rich landscapes and the breathtaking sceneries of Mauritius create the perfect setup for horse riding. These magnificent horses adapt to all types of hiking...

As from 62€
Hunting in Mauritius

Hunting in Mauritius

The island has thousands hectares of forest and fields which can offer a hunting pleasure to the manful and brave travelers. The agency will provide an excursion into the island where you will see wild animals and you will be mesmerized by the amazing breathtaking views of African savannah. Hunting...

As from 225€
Quad Bike & Lunch

Quad Bike & Lunch

Duration: approx. 3-4 hours   The journey includes: 1 DBL Quad biking (per quad/2persons) of 1 and a half hours at the Domaine de L'Etoile Buffet lunch is served at the restaurant (excluding drinks) The perfect thrilling and most exciting outdoor activity to do during your holiday to enjoy...

As from 122€
Quad biking in Mauritius

Quad biking in Mauritius

The island is not only a pleasure of seashore relaxing, swimming in clear water or sunbathing. However, the heart of the Mauritius is inside the island. Make an expedition in quad bikes to the forest and hidden places of the Mauritius. You will be amazed by how big and different the island is inside...

As from 89€
Spiritual Mauritius sightseeing

Spiritual Mauritius sightseeing

Mauritius sightseeing excursions are abundant here, in the south. Travel across the island’s part, renowned for its beautiful sceneries, natural beauties, numerous spiritual sights, such as temples and natural phenomena! This tour will leave you relaxed, refreshed and educated on the culture...

As from 289€

Step away from the classic and explore exciting, exhilarating and stunning places. Astound yourself!

Challenge your hunter’s skills and try a hunting safari in the south or east of Mauritius. Go for trekking at “La Vallée de Ferney” and discover the indigenous species of Mauritius. Our natural sites abound with a rich flora and fauna combined with beautiful landscapes.

Andrealine seekers, try the ziplines at Chazal and slide across the air right above and into the evergreen forests, creeks and canyons. This combination of thrill and amazement will definitely fill you with wonderful memories of your holiday.

Enjoy paddle boarding around Bénitiers Island, fishing, snorkeling, catamaran and boat trips and many other sea activities.


Located in the southern village of Rivière des Anguilles, Crocodile Park unfolds a luxuriant park with Nile crocodiles, the last surviving giant tortoises specifies from Aldabra and Radiata tortoises from Madagascar respectively, the macaque, iguanas, bats, deer, geckos, wild boars among others…

The insectarium uncovers the fabulous world of butterflies and insects with its large private collection.

Enroll for the Mauritius tour and get introduced to the Mauritian know-how. Visit the agricultural rum distillery of “Rhumerie de Chamarel”, located nearby a vast sugar-cane and pineapple plantations, palm grove next to the Coloured earths of Chamarel. Through a guided tour, you will be showcased to the various stages in the distillation of high quality rum produced exclusively from fermentation of sugar cane juice. Follows a rum tasting acquaintanceship.

One of the traditions inherited from the British era, is Tea Time! Drive through one of the oldest tea plantations and factory and also visit a museum which depicts our tea history. Taste tea of different aromas at an old hunting lodge vista. You can now bring it home to your friends and families.

Discover “Pamplemousses Botanical Garden” a cultural heritage from the French era where more than 500 different species of plants, including endemic and cosmopolitan ones have been introduced by those plant lovers who visited us.

The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, is the place where the special relationship between plant and man began on the island and the first botanical garden of the southern hemisphere to host one of the richest collections of plant species including palm trees, valuable timber trees and aquatic plants.

Spirituality among the multi-religious population is a fascinating facet of the population. The various places of cult and prayers serve as background to the religious and cultural heritage of the island. Through a scenic mountain road discover the venerable shrine of Hinduism, Ganga Talao founded around the holy lake of Grand Bassin.

Whether you want to indulge into fun activities, reflect in quieter places or quench your curiosity and expand your knowledge Mauritius trip excursions is the platform to book for an outing which will fulfill you.

Contact our specialists for further details and book your adventure now!


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