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Reservation Line: (230) 696 6000

Skydiving in Mauritius

LocationNorth East
Operating Hours09:00 - 17:00
Operating DaysMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Duration1 hrs 30 mins
Activity TimeFlexible
TransportationOffered as Supplement
CommentMinimum Age - 18
Under the age of 18 parents consent is required. Weight limitation should be between 40kg - 95kg.

Did you know

In addition to skydiving you can go on a unique experience of exploring the island from the air – a helicopter tour.
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from 372€

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+(230) 696 6000

High speed, impetuosity, adrenaline burst, absolute free-fall thrilling experience, breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean – those are just a few words of the lucky ones who have experienced skydiving in Mauritius.

Jump from a Cessna 182 with a free fall from 10000 ft. lasting approximately 30-35 seconds. The plane is fitted with a full Perspex skydiving door offering a 360 degree bird eye view to the passengers.

2 persons at a time can board the plane.


Imagine the air pressure flowing through and merging with your whole body, providing an indescribable sense of boundless happiness and freedom. Flying over the key of the Indian Ocean, you get to admire the astounding beauty and scenery as you progressively descend. New edges of sensations await you in Mauritius; new heights for an awesome and exhilarating experience.


Tandem Skydive Mauritius offers Air activities; with a professional instructor. He will make you feel safe, relaxed and ready to jump. There is a weight limitation in tandem skydiving and 4 connections to a tandem instructor who is highly skilled and accountable for your safety throughout the whole duration of the activity. You will fly on a plane to reach an ideal altitude for jumping, during which time you can admire the island and ocean from a bird eye view and take exclusive photo shoots. 

Skydiving a real life-changing experience!


Skydive tour details


Price includes:

  • Tandem skydive for 1 person with an instructor
  • VAT


With a supplement:

  • Transport Services with pick up and drop off


Sky dive in Mauritius – Best prices! 

Please contact Elite Voyage on (230) 696 6000 for your Skydive in Mauritius. 


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