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Reservation Line: (230) 696 6000

Submarine Dive

LocationNorth West
Operating Hours08:30 - 16:30
Operating DaysAll Days
Duration2 hrs
Activity TimeFlexible
CommentThe submarine is offered several times a day
Age limit:
Adult as from 12 yrs old
Child as from 3 to 11 yrs old
Infant (2 yrs old and less)

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+(230) 696 6000

Captivated by the novels of Jules Verne, filled with wonder by the images at of Jacques Cousteau or simply curious by nature, who didn't dream one day about an underwater trip?

Blue Safari submarines and sub-scooters make your dreams come true. Experience rare and unforgettable moments!

The fleet of Blue Safari Submarine consists of two submarines, in particular the BS 600 and the BS 1100. Each of the two submarines offer you a different vision and product offerings.

They can dive together to more than 35 meters of depth, in perfect harmony and for a truly unique experience.

The submarine is open to any one from 2 to 80 years.



Dive as a family or couple aboard the BS 600, a small 5-seater submarine. The BS 600 is available ONLY on our exclusive offers below. The main characteristic of this submarine is that it offers a panoramic view. The cabin is a vertical cylinder made of methacrylate which is completely transparent.

The BS 600 Submarine offer the possibility for a “tete a tete” lunch for 2 pax at 40 metres of depth while being Comfortably seated inside an air-conditioned, transparent cabin and surrounded by multicoloured fish.

The submarine also offers the opportunity to celebrate your wedding down in the ocean depths where a diving cameraman will capture the memorable event.



Quite compliant to our imaginary by its structure and its installation, this submarine is fitted with individual windows and allows a very good vision of the submarine world. A camera situated on the bridge shows the impressive immersion of the submarine on a TV screen from inside. By more than 35 metres of depth, observe the aquatic ballet of fish, the beauty of a coral reef and then the wreck of the «Star Hope».



  • Russian, English, German & Chinese guide available on request
  • Bookings need to be made at least 72 hours in advance
  • Pick-up times vary depending on hotel location

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