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Swim with dolphins in Mauritius

LocationSouth West
Operating HoursAll Days
Duration7:30 AM to 14:30 PM
Activity Time07:30 - 10:00

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Visit the south of the island and learn all the rum trade secrets. Taste different types of local rum and have a delicious lunch in a restaurant.
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Dolphin Encounter & Picnic On Benitiers Island

Do you know that dolphins are one of the fastest marine creatures on the Earth? They can reach really high speed – around 37 km/h, so you can chase them and compete who is faster. Have you ever swum with the dozens of dolphins in an open sea? Swim with the dolphins in Maurititus! This amazing sensation of speed and freedom you will remember forever! Swim with the dolphins in Mauritius in the open sea under clear sky, with dolphin’s squeals and myriads of drops that will be around the boat.

For the safety of dolphins, this water interaction will be supervised by the qualified and trained specialist with the respect to the environment and to the mammals. Swimming with dolphins is really funny and cheerful for everyone. Take you family with you and we promise that your children will be amazed and very pleased to join to this experience. Swim with dolphins in Mauritius is a unique offer of our travel agency and popular among tourists.

You will be encountering with Bottle nose and Spinner dolphins because they can be watched in our lagoon of the west cost. Encountering the dolphins in Mauritius is the pleasant and nice time which you can spend in Mauritius. The speedboat is available on the sharing basis with other clients.

The trip goes down to "Bénitiers" island for a seafood barbecue on the shore. The beach is an invitation to laze around, breathing the fresh air from the sea whilst watching ocean waves which stroke gently the coral reef.

This unique islet of the west side next to the peninsula of Le Morne takes its name from a bivalve mollusk which lives within the coral reefs and provide a delicate and rare flesh much appreciated by locals.

The tour comprises full day on the speedboat on a sharing basis, drinks and beverages and is VAT inclusive.


Duration: 7:30 AM to 14:30 PM.


· Russian, English, German & Chinese guide available on request. 

· Bookings need to be made at least 72 hours in advance

· Pick-up time vary depending on hotel location

Call now and plan an amazing holidays! (230) 696 6000


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