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Reservation Line: (230) 696 6000

"Rhumerie de Chamarel" Local Rum Distillery

Operating Hours08:30 - 16:00
Operating DaysFrom Monday to Saturday
Duration1 hrs
Activity TimeFlexible
CommentDuring Saturdays opened from 8:30 to 13:30

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+(230) 696 6000

In the center of a fertile valley, in the southern part of our island lies a local rum Distillery "Rhumerie Chamarel". The south Boasts the perfect climate and conditions for the cultivation of Sugar Cane and other tropical fruits, which you can see plying all along the road to the distillery. The distillery pride itself to be among the rarest to still cultivate its own sugar cane for the production of its rum.

Discover the production and distillation of rum

The distillery will reveal to you all the process of the Rum production step by step along its guided tour and of course this tour cannot end up without inviting you to taste the unique rum of Chamarel, made of freshest sugar cane juice.

This region has an ideal microclimate for the development of sugar cane fields. Every day at dawn, sugarcane is freshly cut by hand. After the harvest, the cane lands at the mills where a careful selection is made before the production of the traditional agricultural rum is made.

The distillery is proud to present to the public rum of high quality. Note that only 5% of producers can match the rum of the “Rhumerie Chamarel”.

Distillation and fermentation procedures are sophisticated techniques. An important aspect is the fact that production is not harmful to the environment. Thanks to recycling modes, there is no waste. In addition, bagasse, the fibrous residue remaining after the juice extraction process is collected and converted into an energy source.

Industrial fumes are controlled and all the ashes are used as fertilizer.

The Alchemis - restaurant  "L'Alchimiste"

Discover the refined cuisine of “The Alchimiste” restaurant. The Chef will prepare delicious meals made of products and ingredients from the estate itself. Don’t miss to refresh yourself with the exquisite home cocktails made from the freshest fruits from the estate.

Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery



• Russian-speaking tour guides, as well as English, German & Chinese speaking tour guides are available upon customers’ demand

• Reservations to be made at least 72 hours in advance Contact us at (230) 696 6000 to book your trip and come and enjoy the best rum of the island.

The distillery known for creating the first sugar cane based rum of the island. The tour will show you all the rum trade secrets. The visit will end with a rum tasting before going to the restaurant for a delicious lunch in a charming colonial ambience.

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