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Reservation Line: (230) 696 6000

About us

Discover Mauritius with Elite Voyage


Created in February 2006, Elite Voyage is a specialized Tour Operator in Luxury Mauritius holidays for discerning clients seeking the ultimate travel experience.


Elite Voyage provides the finest quality activities in Mauritius as well as accommodations and transfers with a superior level of service.

We offer experiences that cater for the highest level of customer satisfaction with respect to local touring, travel, luxury retailing, languages and management plus personal services to high-net-worth individuals.

Our infrastructure and the sheer willingness to thrive in a highly competitive industry have shaped the position of Elite Voyage in the Mauritius Destination.

We have proven over time with our wealth of expertise, our reliability and with our selected business partners that we excelled on touring activities and in designing the ideal itinerary of our Clientele.

Mauritius is a multicultural Paradise Island, rich in history with picturesque landscaping and stunning natural beauty from its shorelines to the tops of its mountains.

We look forward to assist you in planning your idyllic holidays.


Our Team


  Contact Valentina

Valentina Nehaldas

Managing Director

This year we proudly celebrated our 12th anniversary. 12 years of Pure Blessing and Happy Moments in achieving our missions and objectives.
At Elite Voyage, We value our people and fight every challenge on our path like opportunities to success.
Our goal is to create great holiday experiences for our clientele and assisting our customers to the best of our ability is our responsibility.
Business relationship with our partners is a heart to heart relationship based on confidence, transparency, trust a nd the solid foundation we mutually built up.
Together with you, we will continue to up hold and keep going the roadway to success with our tradition of Excellence.


  Contact Ridhi

Ridhi Shanto

Tours Manager

I am in charge of the professional training of our Tour Guides. I ensure that our guides are updated on new products, tours and itineraries so that our guests do not miss anything during their visit on the Island. My goal is to offer maximum satisfaction to our guests. I am also the one who tailor made all the Educational Tours for our partners, assuring you discover the island, giving you proper tools to increase your sales and to create for you a completely unique experience of Mauritius destination.


  Contact Kaleem

Kaleem Bakurally

Digital Marketing & Brand manager

My mission is to work together with all of our different teams and have the duty for implementing marketing campaigns to promote ELITE Voyage, its products and services. My role consists of enhancing brand awareness within the digital space and includes day-to-day responsibility for the smooth and effective running of digital projects, namely website update/launches and advertising/promotion campaigns. Constantly, i will identify and evaluate new technologies to better optimize marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media and display & search advertising.

  Contact Karine

Karine Telvart

Administrative Assistant - Reservation and Wedding Coordinator

My job is to perform administrative tasks and provide office support to facilitate the efficient operation of the organization with the aim of maintaining and ensuring consistent performances of the day to day office activities. I have also the pleasant responsibility of coordinating weddings of your clients in Mauritius. Last but not least, I am responsible for all your booking requests for Madagascar Destination, I am always delighted to assist you plan trips for your clients on this fascinating island.


  Contact Sundy

Sundy Jhurry

Tours Assistant/Agent-Evaneos

In a perspective to make you discover Mauritius with Elite Voyage. I will attend to your requests concerning booking of your excursions prior to your arrival in Mauritius. My task is to design excursions and always find new products in order to make your day memorable in every way. I have also the responsibility of reservation requests from French market.

  Contact Ajay

Ajay Sitaram

Planning Manager

I am responsible for the coordination of all arrivals, departures and excursions. I ensure that the day to day operations run as planned and assuring a good timing scheduled for all our vehicle movement, overall my goal is to focus with attention to minute details and sense of organization.

  Contact Nitin

Nitin Sumroo

Reservation Manager

My task is to effectively handle all reservations ensuring we have full understanding of guests’ requirements. My aim is to ensure a consistently high standard of service throughout the booking process in order to promote repeat business and keep our good business relationship with our partners.

  Contact Michael

Michael Cassy

Airport Representative

I am the one who meet and greet our guests at the Airport. Our operations are swift and fast. My goal is to never miss a guest and ensure that our services meet guests’ expectations upon their arrival and departure.

  Contact Zyad

Zyad Suffee

Customer Care Manager

I am the liaison between the guests of Mauritius, their Russian-speaking guides, as well as management of the company Elite Voyage. I will help each client organize their stay on the island as comfortable as possible. Then get positive emotions, our guests will feel an irresistible urge to return to Mauritius again!

  Contact Stéphanie

Stephanie Abel

Airport Representative

I am responsible to meet and greet our guests at the Airport upon arrival and also to provide assistance upon departure. My aim is to keep our high level of service for guests’ maximum satisfaction by assisting them in a prompt, caring and helpful manner.


  Contact Kevin

Kevin Suntoo 

Sales & Marketing Manager

I have at Elite Voyage the entrusted tasks to develop and promote products of Elite Voyage. As part of my commitment I have made my miss ion to deliver quality time and information to our partners to ensure continuous business capturing and company growth. You need rates and offers then I am your man.


  Contact Axel

Axel Nehaldas

Sales & Marketing Assistant

I mainly assist our Sales & Marketing department with the responsibility of assuring our online visibility.
I also interact with our followers on our social media as well as publish on a regular basis fresh and relevant content with amazing pictures of our island.


  Contact Armand

Armand Anodin

Sales & Marketing Developer

My task is to develop new market and sales strategies in tandem with reservation and marketing department. I am responsible for helping to formulate future product and business activities. My goal is to create strategic sales approaches that include successful and clear positioning for Elite Voyage.


Premila Salomon

Office Attendant

My job is to ensure effective and proper housekeeping of our garden and office, paying attention to important details such as the layout of the whole workplace, creating a pleasant and tidy environment that is as comfortable as possible for Elite Voyage team. I am also responsible to prepare typical Mauritian delicacies to make our partners on educational trip discover Mauritius during hosted lunch at our office.


  Contact Avinash

Avinash Daddoo

Account Manager

I am in charge of all transactions with local and overseas suppliers. As part of my job, I am responsible for good running of cash flow and preparing financial reports for our management. My aim is to ensure that payments for different services are done by Elite Voyage to all partners accurately and timely.



Mohun Rungoo, Zaheed Abdoola, Mervine Latchmudoo

Driver - Guide

Elite of the company, with happiness we comply that our guests are comfortable in our vehicles. Assuring an enjoyable, reliable and w orry-free trip to our guests during their transfers and excursions with a mission to give maximum assistance and special care.


Kamal Johur

Tour Guide

My name is Kamal. I am native Mauritian. I was born and grown up on the Mauritius Island. And I agree with many people who call this island a paradise on earth.

I chose this profession because I love the place I live - my amazingly beautiful Mauritius. I will be glad to meet you and share with you all my knowledge on the island history, traditions and culture.



Irina Shybetska

Tour Guide

Guide is a very interesting and, above all, creative job. It is a real pleasure to work in a team where team spirit, self-improvement, improvement of professional skills are among the most important things. Here you can feel a real team spirit and it is great! I am always working with enthusiasm because my every excursion is unique and I hope my guests will have unforgettable holidays in Mauritius. See you on the island of Mauritius!



Sergii Mykhailov

Tour Guide

Beauty is the greatest mystery and power because it is of divine nature! Our inner and outer worlds have a lot of secrets and they are full of beauty. You can uncover the mystery and the power of beauty only if you have a passion to learn the entire world and to feel the harmony with it. If you really want it then do not miss this piece of luck!

I will be pleased to share all my emotions, feelings, and experience that I got on my journey though life. Home is where the heart is! Mauritius became my home and it can become yours! Be happy!

Kharkov National Medical University, Ayurveda, Chakravidya, Bhakti Yoga. Ukraine, Russia, Germany, South Africa, India, Mauritius.



Natalya Vydelingum

Tour Guide

Hi, my name is Natalya.

I am always glad to meet our new guests and to share with them my knowledge and experience I got while working as a guide.

It is a real pleasure to get positive feedback from you, especially when you say that Mauritius is a place where you want to return again and again.

Come to us again, now you have your own people and friends on the island. I will be happy to meet you and I will try to give you a tour so that you will be full of impressions that you will never forget. And after which you will fell in love with this island.



Victoria Сhukoory

Tour Guide

It is always a great pleasure to share my experience with you and to give you a tour during which you will learn the history of the island, its legends, customs and traditions of its multi-ethnic people. You will be able to visit a lot of interesting places and take with you not only photos of these places but also unforgettable impressions.



Ekaterina Klimenko

Tour Guide

My name is Ekaterina.

I am one of those happy people who are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places of the world! This place, Mauritius, is like a fairy tale. I have been working for Elite Voyage for already six years. And this work gives me an opportunity to share my love to this small but multifaceted island with our guests. I love my job, therefore I give every tour with a great enthusiasm and I hope that you will love Mauritius with all your heart.



Anna Mangoo

Tour Guide

I have many years experience and knowledge concerning various countries and their cultures that I have gathered over my years working as a field tour guide.

I enjoy passing on this passion for our land to our customers in an exciting and educational manner which will leave them not only with a lasting memory of the country that they have visited but also of myself and the company I am working for.



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