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Hunting in Mauritius

LocationDepend on hunting grounds available
Operating DaysAll Days
Activity TimeFlexible
TransportationOffered as Supplement
CommentHunting Season: Between June and September
Taxidermy services is available at a supplement

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The island has thousands hectares of forest and fields which can offer a hunting pleasure to the manful and brave travelers. The agency will provide an excursion into the island where you will see wild animals and you will be mesmerized by the amazing breathtaking views of African savannah.

Hunting in Mauritius is a special suggestion for those who have strong hunting instinct. This entertainment is provided by the agency and it safe for travelers.


Hunting in Mauritius with Elite Voyage

Mauritius Island covers thousands of hectares of forests and hunting grounds which offer astounding hunting pleasure to intrepid travelers. Hunting in Mauritius is an adventure organized within private domains where the animal hunted is mainly the Cervus Timorensis Russa, originating from Java and introduced on the island by the Dutch in 1639.


Safari adventures in Mauritius

Hunting in Mauritius have within their organization experienced hunters and offers possibilities of small game hunting with rabbits, wild boar, birds, such as guinea fowl, partridges and pheasants.  


The different types of hunting wild animals in Mauritius are:

  • With special trained dogs. Hunters need to follow the dogs which track down prey.
  • Battue hunting, when a group of dogs force the prey to flee in the direction of the hunters.
  • Ambush hunting which requires patience, being on alert and quick reaction from a hidden position.
  • Bow hunting which demands a specific set of skills and abilities.


Upon booking with us, we take care of the hunting license for you should you not possess one. Shotguns and rifles, ammunition and transportation are also provided.

Hunting Season: Between June and September

Note: An extra is requested to be able to keep the trophy. The price is subject to the weight, specie of the animal and the length of the antlers (for the deer). Taxidermy services is available at a supplement.

With a supplement: Transport Services with pick up and drop off


Call now to plan and book for an amazing hunting session!


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