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Feedback from our clients...

Perfect company!

We enjoy so much activities proposed by elite Voyage . There professionalist was hightly appreciated which accompanied us each day during our stay in Mauritius

We had very successful holidays on Mauritius and I’m grateful to Elite Voyage for that. We booked a full day fishing trip and focused in Marlin. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch any that day although a married couple we met on the beach the next day told us they had caught three marlins two days before. On the other hand, we had more than 20 tunas and some dorado so that was a runner up prize we were satisfied with. The boat was very clean and well-equipped; our captain, a young guy full of jokes and interesting stories, was very clear about the safety rules so we didn’t have any trouble except strong wind and sun.

Hello, my name is Ann, I traveled to Mauritius in January, 2014 with my husband and 7 years old son. We had a wonderful time, everything was very nice. At the hotel our suit was upgraded and we even didn’t ask for it. Turned out that is was Elite voyage booking clerk who spoke to hotel administration about it.

Elite Voyage really cares about its customers and work hard to solve their problems. During my vacation, I could be sure that everything would be arranged on time and in compliance with our requests. It is a reliable agency with professional workers.

Elite Voyage did a great job with my holiday package and I’m happy they managed to do this. I must admit I was not a perfect customer because I changed my mind about most excursions and Elite Voyage team had to replace them with others. Sandy, the assistant matchday, was very helpful and polite and I want to send him my regards for his fantastic job.

I wish Elite Voyage good customers and big profit so you can keep developing!

We visited Mauritius a year ago, but I still remember the lions interaction excursion. The price was pretty high, it worth every penny we paid though. First of all the staff was friendly and spoke English very well. After we received safety instructions lions handler invited us to pet them. There were two lions, one was nearly a kitten and another was a bit older. The boy (the older one) was shy and tried to hide from us on the tree or behind the handler’s leg. The girl was adorable! She played a lot and was interested in making new friends (us). Surprisingly, nobody was hurt although we saw how she cracked a thick branch in one bite. Despite that she easily got distracted, just like human child. I can’t describe it enough, but it was a pure pleasure to watch and pet little lions. They are incredible. I would recommend this excursion for everyone. If money is not a problem, buy a private one so the big cats will be all yours.

I stayed with my parents in a hotel in Pamplemousse district so there was no way we would miss a visit to Sir Seewoosagur Botanic Garden. We took a guide’s service and that was the right decision because we would never learn so much about local flora and the garden itself without guide’s comments. It turned out that plants are interesting and deserve our respect and attention. My mother nearly cried when the guide told that Talipot palm dies right after blossoming. I’m not into biology but I was really impressed by the lush greenery and the diversity of the Mauritian flora.

We did Sunset romantic cruise and cruise along the west coast of the island. I must say that went way much better that I expected. The problem is that on the resorts people always try to take advantage of you. On Mauritius, I saw completely different attitude. I’m sure that Elite Voyage did everything to provide the best service. The cruises were marvelous. First we booked a two hour sunset watching cruise but it was so much fun we took another one that was longer. It was very windy but we were warned about it in advance so we brought light jackets. Ocean makes you forget about everything. We saw that part of Mauritius that isn’t that tropical but even more beautiful, with its stark cliffs and forests. Money well spent, me and my family were completely satisfied.

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