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Madagascar is an island country which is officially known as the Republic of Madagascar. It is situated in the Indian Ocean off the south eastern coast of southern Africa. Madagascar is classified "a world apart" because of the uniqueness and rarity of its flora and fauna which comprises of numerous species of plant, insect, reptile, fish and mammals which are endemic to the island. Although Madagascar has miles of beautiful beaches, its greatest attractions remain the exclusiveness of its plants and animals. The capital city of Madagascar is Antananarivo. Malagasy, a Malayo-Polynesian tongue is generally spoken all through the island but as Madagascar is a Francophone country French is spoken by the educated population. Madagascar turns out to be an amazing destination full of adventure, discovery, taste, warmth and friendliness far from the mass tourism. Sense this fascinating country through our getaway circuit.


Madagascar is different from other destination in the world. Madagascar is for those who desire to venture into the unknown, not for five star resorts, elite services and rich cities. It is an un-spoilt destination where we meet with natural beauty, merge with nature and the simplicity of the local people. Yet their life is far from ideal, but they are happy despite the precarious situations around. Madagascar opens its doors and shares hospitality only with those who are ready to accept it as it is. If we open our hearts to this country, Madagascar will not hesitate to share with us the best that he could offer. Everyone will be able to see in Madagascar an island of endless natural treasures.


Take with you sweets, with which you can generously pamper the kids and small money to buy a souvenir from one of the Madagascar needlewomen.
Dressing gowns, embroidery, napkins, wooden decorative sculptures, raffia hats (a palm plant with the longest leaves in the world that are cut, separated and dried in the sun.) When they burn out they get a natural golden-straw color), bags, face masks, solitaires from wood and semiprecious stones and a lot of interesting things.


> VISA FEE applicable to all entry in Madagascar

  • > Per person                  €25.00

Important Information
Citizens of all countries are not required to make preliminary arrangements for a single entry visa for entry to Madagascar. During the passport control at the Airport Immigration Desk each passenger will have a stamp put in his/her passport permitting to stay in the Republic of Madagascar for a period of up to 30 days. To obtain such a stamp the passenger should produce:

  • > Passport identifying citizenship and identity of its holder. The validity date of the passport must not expire earlier than 6 months after the date of the planned return to the country of residence. This is a mandatory requirement of Madagascar authorities.
  • > Return ticket with confirmed date of departure. If passengers use e-tickets, these should be printed and submitted to the Immigration Officer.
  • > Voucher for hotel accommodation and ground handling sevices. We send you this after the confirmation of booking and reception of payment on our account.
  • > Completed immigration form, which is distributed among all passengers by the cabin crew to fill in during the flight and well before landing in Madagascar.


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