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Quad biking in Mauritius

Operating Hours10:00 - 17:30
Operating DaysAll Days
Duration2 hrs
Activity TimeFlexible
TransportationOffered as Supplement

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The island is not only a pleasure of seashore relaxing, swimming in clear water or sunbathing. However, the heart of the Mauritius is inside the island. Make an expedition in quad bikes to the forest and hidden places of the Mauritius. You will be amazed by how big and different the island is inside. Hear the voice of trees, forests and travel on the quad bikes in the Mauritius.

More than two thousand hectares are covered by the wild forests in the south-west part of the island. This is a touristic lagoon, and this miracle place is named Domaine de Bel Ombre, which is the nature’s theatre of dreams. Quad biking in Mauritius is the best choice to relax far from the ocean in a peaceful setting among trees, birds, lakes and bushes.

Drive into the nature on your quad bike and stop to take photos of Cascade de l’Exemple where cold water streams, and where you can swim or you can drink it. Quad bike in Mauritius whole day… and at night too! We offer a night safari with the pedagogical description of night life in the Reserve. Quad in Mauritius and experience the nature reserve!

Quad biking activity may be booked as a day tour or a night tour. A night pedagogical safari inside a reserve is an original activity and allows you to experience our natural heritage!

Domaine de Bel Ombre can offer other Ecotourism activities like walking and trekking to Cascade Madame Belle where you can stop and have a picnic. A high place of biodiversity, which warmly welcomes families, couples and loners.

Call now (230) 696 6000 to sign up for "Quad biking Mauritius" excursion.


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