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Mauritius Dolphins & Whales Watching

Dolphin & Whale Watching in Mauritius

Dolphin & Whale Watching in Mauritius

Marine mammals hold a significant place in our heart and mind! They embody intelligence and inspired poets, artists and philosophers and titillated the curiosity of scientists since yesteryears. If you sail in our western lagoons you can encounter the Bottle nose and the Spinner dolphins in their...

As from 75€
Swim with dolphins in Mauritius

Swim with dolphins in Mauritius

Dolphin Encounter & Picnic On Benitiers Island Do you know that dolphins are one of the fastest marine creatures on the Earth? They can reach really high speed – around 37 km/h, so you can chase them and compete who is faster. Have you ever swum with the dozens of dolphins in an open sea?...

As from 44€
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