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Dolphin cruise Mauritius

Onboard one of our spacious beautiful boats to enjoy one of the most fantastic and friendly creatures in the world. Cheerful and playful, the dolphins are considered to be the symbols of intelligence and grace. Don't miss a chance to meet these lovely creatures in their natural habitats and enjoy swimming alongside with them.

Dolphin cruise in Mauritius

Elite Voyage offers you a great option of a day out exploring the crystalline waters of Mauritius and discovering dolphins. Mauritius is known as a home to various sea animals including the dolphins. The most common species of these mammals in Mauritius are the Spinner Dolphin and the Bottlenose Dolphin which can be often seen in the Tamarin Bay.

Catamaran dolphin cruise Mauritius

Our catamaran dolphin cruise will take you to the Tamarin Bay where you will be able to watch the magnificent marine mammals in their aquatic habitats. During the cruise the catamaran will make stops at the main spots and you will have a chance to swim and snorkel to explore the fascinating underwater world, all necessary equipment will be available on board. If you are not into swimming, you can stay on board the catamaran and enjoy the sun and drinks.

Catamaran Mauritius dolphins

Make your holiday even more special with our catamaran cruise offer. We ensure you unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience of watching friendly dolphins and swimming with them. During our cruise you will be offered a delicious BBQ lunch consisting of fresh fish, chicken, rice, vegetable salads and fruit.

For more details on dolphin catamaran cruises in Mauritius contact our specialists.



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