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Sailing in Mauritius

Spend a day out exploring the warm, crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean and numerous coral riffs surrounding the island of Mauritius. The perfect holiday destination, the island offers plenty of options for adventure lovers. Snorkeling, various water sports, fascinating white sand beaches, calm waters of lagoons with stunning flora and fauna, exquisite mouthwatering cuisine, and spectacular tourist attractions, all this will be a great retreat for your body and soul.

Mauritius sailing

What can be a better way to explore the paradise island than a sailing cruise? Sailing in Mauritius is one of the most wonderful and pleasant activities. The calm crystal clean turquoise waters of the lagoons are a perfect start for those who are a bit hesitant just because they have never been on a boat before. For such tourists we can offer half-day cruises to the nearest to Mauritius islands. For real nature lovers we have full-day cruises to the remote unspoilt isles a few of which are nature reserves endemic species of flora and fauna.

Sailing Mauritius

With our sailing tours you will be able to discover the most beautiful and magnificent isles which surround the main island of Mauritius. All of these isles offer ideal white sand beaches together with breathtaking scenery. And if you want to make a romantic surprise for your couple we recommend you to choose a sunset sail which will take to the best spot to enjoy the wondrous sunset from the sea.

Mauritius sailing holiday

Discover the outer beauty of Mauritius with our sailing cruises. Check out our great selection of sailing tours on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our specialists.


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