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Mauritius resorts

Mauritius resorts

Island resorts

Mauritius is an island nation, with an astonishingly beautiful archipelago of outer islands that is famous world-wide for its resorts. Tropical islands is the most preferred tourist destination as they are and these offer more than just that. With Elite Voyage you can not only spend your holidays sunbathing on its many sand beaches or swimming in its azure waters – you can embark on adventures and go on various Mauritius tours!

Clear waters and sands, glistening in the sunlight are a daydream for everyone. Mauritius is the dream come true! You can swim in the pristine ocean, cruise across it on a board of a catamaran yacht and meet dolphins or dive into its depths and watch marine creatures frolic around. However you choose to spend your time in the sea – it will truly be an unforgettable experience.

Go for helicopter sightseeing or maybe even skydive! Turquois of the waters blends beautifully with the white of the sands and the green of the flora on breath-taking heights! Most memorable images are so much worth trying the air activities Elite Voyage can arrange for!

Explore diverse cultures and history of the Mauritius on informative excursions, watch masters create handicraft masterpieces in many workshops all around the islands, visit grand botanical garden or Crocodile Park – these tropics can offer you a wide range of inland activities to supplement you holiday experience!

Many years of experience

Tourism in Mauritius is a well-developed industry. Years of working with visitors, millions of tourists attending – all that helped with the growth and there is so much more to come! The perfection of services, entertainments and attractions is stunning, yet this is not even the farthest we can go. The quality of your vacation is safe on these paradise islands with Elite Voyage, and your visit and comments will help us make these experiences even better. Mauritius tourism is an ever-growing industry and having you being part of it is invaluable to us!

Travel to Mauritius

See all those paradise beauties yourself, embark on every adventure that suits you, try every activity you like – travelling to Mauritius will let you do it all! Your only worry is to book your holidays, we will take care of the rest. Mauritius 2015 offers you every tropical pleasure possible. If you wish to find out more – contact our specialists, they will assist you in any way they can!

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