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Mauritius holidays

Mauritius holidays

Not a day without adventure

The variety of land, aerial and marine activities Elite Voyage has to offer is incredibly vast. Whatever your tastes are, there will always be something to satisfy your needs!

Cruise across blue waters of Mauritius on a catamaran yacht, watch their inhabitants frolic freely around. Dolphins and even whales will accompany you in your journey, while other marine fauna will welcome your scuba-diving or simply swimming.

Helicopter sightseeing will let you watch paradise beauty from a bird’s eye view. The ocean and islands both will make it worth trying. And skydiving will add thrilling experience to it!

Mauritius family holidays

Your stay in Mauritius can not only be action-packed with plentiful of extreme activities: it can be quiet, entertaining and informative as well. Any family will love the variety of such activities:

  • - Many grand sights to see
    Mauritius cultural and historical legacies are truly remarkable. These tropics host many different cultures that you can witness in peculiar architecture of temples, mosques, pagodas – the diversity of this place will indeed surprise you.
  • - Astonishing flora and fauna
    Mauritius is a home to world’s rarest species. Admire them in their natural habitat, while diving, taking a cruise on a yacht or simply walking along a beach. There are even botanical garden and crocodile park to not just entertain but also educate you!
  • - Tropical beaches and azure ocean
    Take your time and relax on Mauritius many sand beaches, while sunbathing or swimming. Surrounded by the beauties of nature you will replenish your energy, the vivid memories of the spectacular views will never fade.

More than you can imagine for less than you expect

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable Mauritius holiday deals, you’ve just found it! You will be surprised, just how cheap Mauritius holidays can be. We offer only the best to our clients for most reasonable prices. Embark on an adventure, relax and sunbathe, take a stroll around the earthly paradise without any worry about overpaying – that is what going on vacation with Elite Voyage is.

No matter how late deals to Mauritius are – you will always find a suitable one on our site. The variety of Mauritius deals in 2016 won’t leave anyone behind. You need but to contact our specialists, they will be glad to fill you in on any detail you require.

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