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Mauritius attractions

Mauritius attractions

Amongst magnificent landscapes

Admire the views, Mauritius nature kingdom has to offer on a safari, while cycling or biking, while hiking or trekking. Numerous reserves have kept these beauties untouched. All these attractions and activities combined will impress anyone. You need but to choose the prospective of your journey and add this experience to the most memorable ones in your entire life!

Sunbathe in the warm sunlight amidst white sands and in front of azure ocean! Mauritius hot sands welcome you to relax on a beach and forget all the problems and concerns. Take a rest while listening to the music of the sea, the rest of the world will wait!

Mauritius many museums, temples, mosques, pagodas and gardens are open to educate you on the matters of culture, history and endemics of these tropical lands. With all that and traditional Mauritian music and arts Mauritius sightseeing attractions will add to your knowledge vaults and leave you content with how informative your vacation turned out!

In the crystal blue waters

Mauritius tourist attractions in the sea are as thrilling and entertaining as the land ones. Cruise across pristine waters of Mauritius on a catamaran yacht and admire the views aboard. Swim around islands, snorkel or scuba-dive and witness the marine life of the tropics at its finest. Fish on-board, try deep sea fishing which is a completely new experience for every fisherman. Clear waters of Mauritius offer you a lifetime experience!

From great heights

Everything gets better in a bird’s eye view. Mauritius landscapes and turquoise waters are no exception! See the pallet of tropical colours, beautiful up-close, from breath-taking heights, making it even more beautiful. Go for helicopter sightseeing and this experience will stay with you forever! Mauritius sky attractions and activities are among the best in the world!

Try skydiving and add excitement and thrill to that experience. Elite Voyage can arrange for tandem skydiving even, which is open for everyone, even those, who haven’t ever jumped with a parachute. This type of skydiving is perfect for students too. No matter what your experience is, you have an opportunity to enjoy the scenery of paradise islands during the free-fall!

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