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The most popular Mauritius activities

2015.08.14 14:05
The most popular Mauritius activities

Mauritius is a tropical paradise in Africa with wonderful views of the island and the ocean full of different kinds of activities available for visitors: on the ground, on the water and in the air. Here is a list of some things you can do in Mauritius.


What are the best air activities in Mauritius?

Two the most popular air activities offered for visitor in Mauritius are Helicopter sightseeing tours and Tandem Skydiving. There you can enjoy the pleasant sites of the inland of Mauritius and immense Indian Ocean with sapphire waters by the coasts flying the helicopter or to try one of the most spectacular air activities offered by Mauritius, experience exiting moments of Tandem skydiving and free-fall for up to 35 seconds from 1000ft.


Which activities I can find inland?

In Mauritius there is a great number of parks and places to visit and many adventures to experience. In Casela Nature Park you can enjoy interacting with many kinds of animals (even lions) and adventure some sports such as hiking and zip lining or you can try Quad Biking at Frédérica Nature Reserve. Also in Mauritius you will find some nature reserves such as Île aux Aigrette or Botanical garden.


What about water activities in Mauritius?

Mauritius offers numerous sea and water activities from Water Park to sport adventures and fishing. In such a way you can try scuba diving available at many beaches or on the island nearby, windsurfing, yacht cruises, and fishing marlin. Also, you can swim with dolphins in their natural habitat and many more.

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