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Local rum tasting - RHUMERIE DE CHAMAREL

Local rum tasting - RHUMERIE DE CHAMAREL



Diane Sawyer said once: “The dream is not the destination but the journey”


Rhumerie de Chamarel is located in the very centre of a fertile valley under the gentle warm sun of the southern part of the island. With its wide range of attractions and activities this rum factory is one of the places to see in Mauritius. The road leading here is lined by the vast sugar cane plantations and various delicious tropical fruits. Southern sun and rains make the perfect microclimate for these plantations.




Rhumerie excursion

The "rhumerie" welcomes guests to come and see by themselves how the rum is made.   Take a guided tour and learn about the history of rum and how it is produced.  Best of the guided tour is to enjoy the tasting of different types and flavors of the local rum.


fertile valley


Every day cane is harvested and gets to the mills of the rum distillery. Careful selection is made and the rapidness of the producing process makes the juice extracts as pure as it is possible. The distillery is proud of its quality of the rum, made from freshest fermented cane juice. Only 5% of producers make rum the same way as it is made here.

The distillation and fermentation are sophisticated processes in their techniques. There are important aspects of distillation that are safe for the environment like the rational manufacturing and the recycling procedures nothing is wasted. Also, the bagasse, the fibrous residue that remains after the juice extraction process is collected and transformed into energy. Right before being released into the atmosphere all the industrial fumes are carefully cleared.




Restaurant – L’alchimiste

A nice "a la carte" restaurant welcomes you for lunch after you finish your visit. The chief cook is famous for his creativity and tasty meals.

Call immediately to see the rum manufacturing and lead a degustation to make sure that Mauritius rum is the best!

To discover this tour dedicated to the exclusive Rum making process contact us (230) 696 6000 for your reservation.

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