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Artist Painter & Art Therapy

Artist Painter & Art Therapy




Gilberte Marimootoo Natchoo


This artist painter is a self-taught Mauritian artist. She discovered her artistic talent quite late – it happened in 1997. Her works are inspired mostly by simple organic shapes seen in the natural surroundings. The list of her most frequently used images includes landscapes, marine life and human faces and bodies.  Her paintings are figurative and abstract and same as other Mauritian artist she uses bright contrasting colours which without doubt touches and inspires people who see them.




Reveal the master’s techniques

Artist started her artistic experiments with ordinary brushes, but soon appeared her individuality and she began to use her hands and fingers instead. Though, she still mixes the instruments and follows her inspiration flow. Another important sight of her creativity is a bottomless imagination. She is never afraid of taking more practice and try new color and lines combinations. All above mentioned aspects developed the unique style of artist painter and the paintings and exhibitions of the Mauritian artist are very popular among the tourists.



Lessons for Healing in Art

After some time of constant art-making artist decided to share her talent and artistic mood to other people. Here on Mauritius you can get an amazing experience and attend painting courses with the artist. Classes are hold at Caudan Craft Market in Port Louis. Discover the mystery of the creation of something truly beautiful.

Medical specialists claim that colours mean a lot to our health, both physical and mental. Art therapy brings you a lot of positive emotions and you leave all negative in the sheet of paper. The brighter your painting is, more satisfaction it brings.


Emmanuelle Beart

(Famous french actress Emmanuelle Béart during one of artist's painting workshop)


Express yourself with us and become one step closer to the inner harmony! Call us on (230) 696 6000 and take inspiration classes!

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