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All-inclusive holidays in Mauritius

All-inclusive holidays in Mauritius

Living in paradise

Luxury villas and 4 and 5 stars hotels Elite Voyage can arrange for, will make you feel like royalty. Most comfortable interior and breath-taking exterior – there is nothing not to love about it. Situated across the entire Mauritius, hotels offer diverse, yet equally astonishing views. Whatever type of beauty pleases you the most, there definitely is a place to stay that will let you gaze upon exactly what you like!

Whichever place you choose, it’s bound to satisfy your every need, be it something as basic as a comfortable bed, as relaxing as SPA or as thrilling as windsurfing or water-skiing. No matter what you prefer, there are plenty of activities our luxurious accommodations can offer. All-inclusive Mauritius hotels are sights to see themselves!

Exceptional meals in exceptional places

Exquisite cuisine of tropical islands – most exotic food you’ve ever tried both inland and on-board awaits. Diverse appetizing menu entries will never stop surprising you – true masterpieces of culinary served amongst marvellous natural beauties. Turquois ocean and astonishing sand beaches will supplement your meals with aesthetically pleasing sceneries.

Professional service

Ground handling and transferring services, amongst others Elite Voyage offers, are brilliant! The welcoming staff will assist in any way you need, from babysitting to educational tours to interpreting. The range of services performed is barely exhaustive. There will be worry for you – we will take care of everything, you need but to relax and spend your vacation however you please.

Package holidays in Mauritius 2016

Tired of arranging for accommodations, transportation, activities, transfer and all the other things, vital for a perfect vacation? There is no more need for that! Elite Voyage offers package tours – everything is prearranged. Preparation for your holidays will no longer be a nuisance, we’ve got it all covered. All you need to do is specify your preferences and the perfect vacation will be arranged in no time!

Book your luxury Mauritius holidays now and bathe in luxury upon arrival, doing all you want with no worry. If you still have questions or concerns – feel free to contact our specialists, they will always help you in any way they can!

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