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AKASHA – your earthly paradise

In Sanskrit Akasha means the true natural beauty of the world, the basis and essence of all things in the material world. And here, it presents a unique place, neighboring Tamarina golf course. Located in the Rampart River delta, this site is a true hidden treasure of the Mauritius Island.

Nestled on the raised 30 meter high plateau, this site overlooks the Tamarin Bay, providing incredibly magnificent panoramas. On the one hand, this protective area provides a lovely intimate calming ambiance. And on the other hand it offers you the unique fantastic feeling of owning the ocean.

The villas form three sectors naturally defined by the lay out of the plateau, providing the intimacy to each owner. The other special detail of this place is that the polluting vehicle traffic will be restricted. You will be able to cross the 26 hectare estate area by bicycle, golfcart or on foot saving this unique environment.

Villas on the higher grounds provide breathtaking picturesque panoramic ocean views and the lower grounds overlook the river, providing the relaxing peaceful views. And it is only you who decide what to choose. Let your wishes be your guide and enjoy Akasha living.


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