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Voiliers de l’Ocean

Welcomes you on board

Ship models entirely made in teak wood and according

to authentic plans from marine museums




Mauritius is an island, and first colonizers reached it aboard beautiful 18-century ships. Nowadays you may see and buy the models of classical ships in the nautical showroom called Voiliers de l’Ocean


Voiliers de l’Ocean - nautical wonder of Mauritius

The shop was founded in 1986. Only 5 workers create up to 15 unique ship models per month. The realistic detailed result of their skilled factory products causes the interest among the tourists.

Among other attractions in Mauritius, this shop could be chosen as one of the most unusual places. If you are interested in construction seen in progress you definitely should stop by this shop. Caravels, Frigates and ordinary brigs are made here, hand-crafted. See how the master creates the nautical models.

The display won't leave you unsurprised too. The miniature canvas, masts, anchors, wooden boats will give a splash of your imagination and cause memories of the pirate stories of previous ages, surrounded by the legendary oriole.


Own a ship and see how it is made

Sophisticated manufacturing process takes some time. The master does a scale work, he creates details according to a plan and prepared scheme of the ship. Size is optional. Every rupee spent on the model is worth it. Every single miniature ship made here is an authentic wonder. You may take one as a souvenir after attending a master-class held here.

If you do not want to buy a ship, watching the process and the display of different sized boats and galleons is worth attending.


For more details and preorders please contact Elite Voyage on (230) 696 6000 or contact our online consultant on our website.

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